Arizona Mushroom Club

Welcome to the Arizona Mushroom Club

Purpose and Goals of the Club

The Arizona Mushroom Club is a social organization. The members include professional mycologists as well as novices. Members partake in outings to find fungi, identify the fungi and enjoy the edible fruits of Arizona’s fungi. We have forays in the Spring for morels. That is followed in the summer and early fall forays in the mountains for the many edible mushroom species that grow there. Training meetings are held when there is a demand. The year is capped with an annual pot-luck in December where Club business is conducted. Membership in our Club is open to all except those who have a commercial interest in edible mushrooms.


The ANNUAL MUSHROOM FORAY to the White Mountains has been scheduled for;
AUGUST 15th & 16th, 2015

Please remember that this foray is to educate our members about the species of mushrooms growing in Eastern Arizona and not to harvest the maximum number available. Our members both current and former are asked to refrain from foraging in known club locations the week prior to the foray so that we may maximize our educational opportunities.

We will meet Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 am at the Safeway Store parking lot in Springerville. Please be prompt (and have your fuel topped off) as stragglers often miss out on the days foray. We will disband after the Sunday lunch for a return to the valley.

For more information on the foray click here.